Lindsay Phillips

A unique and smart footwear concept

Brand Introduction

Originally known as “Switchflops”, the Lindsay Phillips shoe evolved from a high school art project designed by the company’s namesake, Lindsay Phillips. The interchangeable footwear concept started with a simple pair of flip flops with an interchangeable set of straps. The “SwitchFlop” sandal was patented in 2004 and won awards for the innovation of the interchangeable design. In 2009, SwitchFlops was re-branded as “Lindsay Phillips”, and the company introduced their first pair of ballet flats with a new technology: the interchangeable snap. Oh, the possibilities!

In 2013, the company was bought by its current owner Trimfoot Co., LLC in Farmington, Missouri...a well-established, 100-year old footwear company. Trimfoot Co., LLC continues to develop the original interchangeable shoe concept by introducing new shoes, fun snaps, and cute straps each season.

The Lindsay Phillips brand continues expanding, meeting customer demands for versatile fashion that is easy, comfortable, and adorable. So remember...change your look, not your sole! 


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